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Disposition of Cremated Remains

The Disposition of Cremated Remains

Now that we understand the different cremation service types available, it's time to look at what can be done with cremated remains.

Cremation Urns

The most common disposition of the cremated remains would be to keep them in a Cremation Urn. Some choose a basic Cremation Urn and others purchase an elaborate Cremation Urn to better reflect the life lived by the individual.

No matter what your budget is, there is always a Cremation Urn option available to you. Feel free to browse our Cremation Urn selection on our website.

Scattering of Ashes

Many people like the idea of scattering their ashes at their favorite location. Either way this is a viable option where a ceremony can take place or just a private moment with your next of kin and family.

If scattering at-sea is what you may be looking for, many cruise ships are now offering this service to their guests. If you are considering an at-sea scattering, please contact your cruise line before-hand to ensure they offer this service and to schedule your event. It is also recommended for any other scattering events, to talk with your local Funeral Director before spreading ashes to ensure there are no by-law issues in your community.

Burial Options


You always have an option to bury Cremated Remains in the ground, whether that be on private property that you own (or have permission from the owner) or a cemetery that offers burial services.

You can bury Cremated Remains in any type of Cremation Urn, from a bio-degradable to a wooden or metal Cremation Urn. Please check with the cemetery to find out if they require the burial to include a Cremation Urn Burial Vault.


A columbarium is a physical structure that is the public storage of Cremation Urns holding Cremated Remains. Columbariums are located on Cemetery Properties.


A Cremation Niche is a shallow recess, usually located in a Columbarium wall that is used to display a Cremation Urn.

Additional Information About Cremation Services

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